Reasons to use Magic's Heating Chamber


Heat remediation works on all stages of insects including the eggs!

Heat is a "Green Treatment".

Can you save items if they are infested bed bugs? YES

Save money! No need to discard valuables and go thru costs for replacement.

No insecticides used in the heating process.

There is no possibility of staining or damage to your belongings.

No worry of resistance to any products.

All pests can be controlled with heat.

Convenience! Heating your valuables can be done at the same time your home is being treated for bedbugs or other pests. As the contents are heat treated, the empty dwelling is then treated.

If you have antiques that have wood destroying beetles or termites? Can they be heat treated as well? YES

Antiques can be treated with heat causing no damage to the items.

Are you selling a potential item that requires heat treatments to be imported or exported do you require paperwork to go along with it?

The chamber is carefully monitored and to assure even heating throughout to assure control.

We have 100% control every time we ever had a retreatment.

Where it works best

The biggest advantage of heat is that it finds the bed bugs and their eggs wherever they are hiding. It penetrates layers of fabric, upholstered furniture, boxes of household goods, and even mattresses and bedding. It relieves the pest management professional (PMP) from the task of seeking out every last bed bug and all of their eggs. The heat finds them and "cooks" them all at once.


Powder Post Beetles and other Wood Destroying Beetles Heat Management

Powder post beetles and other wood destroying beetles have the ability to infest many different kinds of wood. It is not uncommon for an object that you many have had for years to suddenly have powder or sawdust piles on them or next to them. The life cycles of beetles can vary greatly. Beetles can get into wood prior to being cut down some may enter an object prior to being created, or may even get infested after they enter your home.


Casemaking Clothes, Webbing Clothes Moth, Black Carpet, Furniture Carpet and Varied Carpet Beetles

The fabric pests listed above have great potential of a vast amount of damage if left unchecked. The food sources are??? If you do not treat your wool rugs, clothing or other valuables ECTů you will over time get a great deal of damage. If you have items stored in your closets that you do not ware very often these are the usually suspects.

The question is what you can do about it?

If you directly treat the wood you risk swelling of the wood causing damage your furniture or antiques.

Heat is a viable option to controlling the infestation. Items can simply be brought to our chamber placed inside treated and all stages of the insects will be eliminated.

If I have rugs made out of natural materials what can I do?

They can be sent to magic to be put thru our heat remediation process.

Visit our Green Exterminating Blog to learn how we built our heat chamber, and how it will help you get rid of bed bugs and other pests in your NYC Apartment.